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Watch us

Please enjoy a selection of our top videos from our YouTube channel.

These videos were produced using original artwork by our crew (Envious Crew) located in South Africa, Bulgaria, Germany and France.  If you are interested on more information about our crew, please feel free to visit 

Enterprise Republic
Office Mural

The Enterprise Republic Mural is indeed an unique mural. It was all done mainly by hand using markers and a few tins of paint.

The client's specific request was to create a unique artwork with unusual finishing which is why marker pens were adopted as the medium of choice.

All the individual characters and illustrations came together using the simplicity of just a few choice colours, creating a clean and balanced look.

We still receive compliments to this day from Enterprise Republic. Their clients mention how awestruck and inspired they feel walking through the offices! 

Planet Fitness
"Just Gym" Murals

Just Gym is a chain of fitness clubs, owned by the mega fitness club, Planet Fitness.

This mural was just one of many that were done for the Just Gym franchise throughout South Africa.

At 12 different fitness venues, the same cityscape look was adjusted to suit the city landscape where each franchise was located. 

Hellmann SA #MoreWithLess Campaign

The #MoreWithLess campaign was a promotional campaign to showcase Hellmann Logistics' ability to gain more outcomes using less resources.  A tiny promotional element of this campaign was the production of this video shoing how one small artist could create one large, impactful artwork. 

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