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Our global team of creative artists come together under the guidance of Kamy Dineva and Kevin Schiffer.
From Bulgaria, we travel worldwide to where the work requires us to be at any specific time, delivering world class service and creativity.  Challenge us with your next project and you will be surprised at our attention to detail, expert knowledge, excellent work ethic and focussed skills and talents.   



Graphic Design
Client Liasion


Graffiti & Murals
Graphic Design
Typography Guru

As authentic and digital artists, our goal is to always be an inspiration to others. Our team aims to bring this inspiration to our next client through assurance and confidence from our portfolio.  We want our clients to appreciate the art we produce as something that they can be proud of and that their customers or audience can engage with.

Art interacts with us daily and in all aspects of our lives.  Such visually stimulating pieces should produce a sensation of awe and happiness - something we all need as a part of our everyday lives. The influence of colours and imagination reaches to us on many emotional levels, telling a story against which we can relate and share.  Through our senses, we interpret things differently but we all know what looks good, what is unique, and what inspires us.

Let us help you tell YOUR story through art.